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    Peaches Live

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Insex Archives - Peaches Live

    Clip Description

    Red haired peaches looking very sensuous with her skin tight blue jeans and red halter top sits bound. Her round natural tits **** out from her too tight top. Pd caresses her body like a hungry lover. She welcomes his hands enticing him to touch her more. He goes easy on her and begins by tickling her feet. She seems so playful and they laugh together, but the mood changes quickly when some *********** takes place.

    he is captivated by her neck and places a big thick leather choker collar to frame her pretty head. A metal gag is inserted in her cocksucking mouth. On goes a plastic ziplock. He wants to play more with her and jiggles her tits, slapping them so they bounce up and down.
    loud ouches gurgle from her throat.

    her jeans are ripped from her slender body while she stands suspended by leather. A severe stingy caning on the back of her legs, pussy, ass and feet, leave their mark. The cane travels towards her pussy showing how soaking wet she is from the excitement.

    more tit for peaches is what pd has in mind. He ties them tight and then snaps them with a rubber band. Unexpectedly she is suspended off the floor but only briefly. She screams from the horror of her experience. Her tits are full and tight and he rubs them to take away the pain. Her tit tortue seems endless. Her eyes are ridden with fear when her tits are milked with suction cups. Her screams are louder than ever and piercing to the ears.

    with her legs over her head and spreader bar opening up her pussy for all to see, pd gives her a hard caning. Her pussy, ass, tits and feet are hit over and over. He counts out the cane hits one at a time. Her pussy gets swollen and ripe from her cunt juice. Pd is astounded by how well this sweet peach marks. He aims for the best part and hits this peach's sweet spot till she can't take any more.

    Clip Duration:      52 minutes
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    rm83.89 MB

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    Insex Archives - Peaches Live

    Insex Archives - Peaches Live

    Insex Archives - Peaches Live

    Insex Archives - Peaches Live

    Insex Archives - Peaches Live

    Insex Archives - Peaches Live

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this feed features endurance, hair gag, tape, tickling, cloth pins, feet , caning, extreme positions, face , pony play, , ****** exercise, spanking, flogging, tit  and of course some insex style ****** orgasm.

the video quality of this feed leaves to be desired, but the content more then makes up for that.