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    Insex Archives - Shonta

    Clip Description

    I notice it is dark outside and the moon casts an eerie glow on the night. The sky changes quickly. Thunder rumbles in the distance, bringing a heavy downpour for the morning. I have plenty to keep me busy till the rain stops outside.

    i watch her twist and turn on the floor where I shackled her to the toilet with heavy chains. My cock is throbbing and rock hard watching her struggling in distress. She manages to get herself in a sitting position unable to speak cause of the tape on her mouth. She tries desperately to release herself from the chains. It looks like she has to take a dump. Oh man this is great!

    i watch her frantically trying to pull down her pants down and I laugh to myself, she would probably rip the toilet from the floor if she could. Enough of this ****! She's taking way too long! I drag her into the next room and rip off her jeans and top. She can't fight me like this. Her tits look full and round. I grab them and slap them and throw the cunt on to the old mattress. I am almost cumming in my pants. I want to fuck this bitch good and hard, but I think i'll wait.

    i hog tie her so the rope is really tight and rubbing against her pussy hole. Oh wow man, her fuck holes smell so sweet. I can't wait to pound my dick in to her. I tell her that if she doesn't get up off the that mattress i'm going to beat her ass. I hope I scare her cause that's what I like, a scared bitch in heat.

    i know he is watching me, I can feel it. I can feel his devil eyes piercing right through me. But maybe I can escape. I don't care that i'm naked. I can't worry about that right now. I have to get away! I can't walk I because he tied my legs together. Hopping quickly I make it outside while my heart beats out of my chest.

    the ground is soaking wet from the rain the night before. I lose my balance and fall on my knees. Oh **** no! He"s outside.
    did he follow me? The bastard's watching everything I do. He is obsessed! He orders me to get up and I can't.

    i must have blacked out cause the next thing I remember is that someone else is held hostage with me. Our pussies are fondled and ****** by a stick from the woods. Our and asses slapped and he tortures our tits . We are tied together like his possessions. We are his human toys. This guy is such a sick fucker.

    he throws me back on the mattress and spreads my legs and arms tying my already sore nipples. I can feel my cunt being opened up wide with some metal clamps. He tells me he has a surprise for me. I can't move on that mattress and the fear rises up inside me. Something is crawling on my belly, down to my pussy. I want to scream! I feel it on my chest and then back down to my pussy stopping there. I hope it doesn't bite me. I pray it doesn't bite me.

    I can see that this guy is really getting off on this. To my horror he takes a vibrator and methodically rubs my clit. He watches intensely, as I try not to cum. I have to go outside with him in the woods. I struggle for my sanity for what's to happen next. He ties me tight, he makes me do things that I don't want to but I have to obey him. It might be my only way out of his hell.

    Clip Duration:      55 minutes
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    Insex Archives - Shonta

    Insex Archives - Shonta

    Insex Archives - Shonta

    Insex Archives - Shonta

    Insex Archives - Shonta

    Insex Archives - Shonta

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this feed features endurance, hair gag, tape, tickling, cloth pins, feet , caning, extreme positions, face , pony play, , ****** exercise, spanking, flogging, tit  and of course some insex style ****** orgasm.

the video quality of this feed leaves to be desired, but the content more then makes up for that.

    822 Test - An evaluation, he said during the phone interview. An evaluation.

he sits her in a chair.

"you’ve done this before?"

the chair is hard. Wood. She shifts.

"a little. You know. With friends."

she doesn’t understand the difference. She’s thinking of rope that remains loose, rope that forgives. And him fumbling with knots. She doesn’t know what she’s thinking.

and she laughs a bit.

the wrapping of rope. The creeping of a thing about the skin. The wrists behind. The arms, immobile. The passing of seconds. And she doesn’t quite notice everything that she’s losing, the intangible something, and how it drops away.

her clothes. She still has her clothes, she thinks, as a barrier to his hands and his ropes and how he removes, removes. Because each rope leaves her less, and she sheds, laughing again, but higher, tense.

the tightening of bonds about the thigh, so taut as to dig her heel into her skin, teaches her, and he ****** her legs, separating them as far as she can bear. Now he smiles, caresses with his eyes, his hands.

this, she understands, but not the next. Not the gag, the tape. Not his control over her mouth, her eyes. Her cunt. And how his eyes brighten, seeing but not seeing. 

an evaluation.

the shoes, she won’t miss. But the blouse, her underwear. And now there’s nothing but the ropes. Nothing. Nothing, because of that intangible something, and how it has gone.

he caresses her labia with the cane. She struggles. 

he has moved her body as though she is nothing to him, nothing but her thighs, her openings. He turns her, slaps her, spanks her. He adds to the weight stretching her nipples downward. And the cane. He uses the cane to write a history of her upon her skin.

she wants to laugh. It has always worked before. Maybe she does. Maybe she can’t remember. Maybe she screams. 

and now she is . And he laughs. Because her ass is in the air. The heels he makes her wear hurt her feet. These ropes do not forgive. He does not fumble with the knots. And he has taken everything, even that intangible something that she will never know again.

so he fucks her with a dildo on a pole. It finishes her lesson. He spins her face toward his. She reads his eyes.

an evaluation, he said on the phone.

she is on the street now, walking.

an evaluation.

don’t worry, he said before she left. Because she had lingered, because afterward, she had touched the ropes piled on the floor.

he led her to the door. 

"don’t worry," he promised her. "it was just the evaluation. You’ll be back."