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    Student 4s Test

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Insex Archives - Student 4s Test

    Clip Description

    With her feet shackled to the floor, she sits in an old wooden chair, looking around the room, her eyes searching for some safe place, only to find herself with her fear of the unexpected. Her long black silky hair falls ever so softly on her petite shoulders. I need to teach her some good posture. Grabbing her hair, I hook it to the pulley to make sure she stands nice and tall for me. It's not an easy chore and she struggles on her tippy toes

    the cold clanking of the shackles fill the room with a haunting sound. I let her stand there for a long time so I can watch her ever so closely. I try to cut the awkwardness and the fear she might be feeling and strike up a bit of conversation, asking her questions about herself, but she doesn't say a word. Her eyes talk to me in a language that only the two of us understand, I can tell that she is almost begging for my mercy.

    her feet are tiny and very appealing. Taking off her shoes, I make her dance in front of me, teasing me. In my mind I see an exotic bird, captured and taken from it's natural surroundings. Something that you never would want to let go of and keep forever.

    i make her dance like a ballerina. A few elegant ballet steps to the music of the shackles make a lovely sight in my eyes. My urge to touch her is growing and I can feel my cock dripping with my seed. I take a pair of huge scissors to try and get some kind of reaction from her but to no avail. She shows no emotion to me. I tear at her clothes with the intimidating blades so I can have easy access to her tits and pussy.

    the first thing I notice is her unusual dark brown nipples uncovered before me. I have no choice but to tie her to the table so she doesn't get away from me. I tie her good and tight leaving her no room to move.
    she begins to cry silently as I wrap more rope around her tender body. I can't help myself from touching her and I rub those deep brown nipples between my fingers hoping that this might comfort her.

    i let her **** just above the ground for awhile and gag her too. She has to stand on one foot to balance herself, forcing her pussy-lips to open slightly.
    she stands so beautifully as she struggles with one leg bent and pointing to the ceiling. I catch a glimpse of her inviting pussy. This position gives me the opportunity to smack her tiny ass and make it red. I get so carried away that I can't stop. My unforgiving cane snaps at her tits, pussy and clit. She isn't as fragile as she looks and takes the pain, wincing out loud.

    later that day I take her for a ride in the car to give her a change of scenery. Her hands all bound with leather straps, I continue to tie her more securely. I have all day and she isn't going anywhere. She's going to be with me for awhile in the back seat, all tied up. I pull her pants down, so I can play with that dark pussy. A spectator passes by the car and stops in his tracks and watches what's going on in the car. I don't mind when people watch me, it's such a thrill to do this out in the open where anyone can see. I can tell she is more frightened and embarrassed trying to hide her naked little tits and delicate pussy!

    i notice that it's getting late, but i'm not done with this lovely thing. I take her back inside with me and continue our playtime. I want to entertain her with something a bit different just in case she is bored. Metal monkey bars will surely keep her alert and busy for awhile. I make her less human looking and cover her head with a stocking cap and a black gag that fits all around her head. Spread and stretched tight to the metal bars, she swings slightly. Her tight firm ass gets my attention almost immediately.
    i flog her bare body hitting her most sensitive spots, watching her as she tries to move away from me. She feels the stinging of the hard object across her pussy and tits. She yells out in agony for the first time. She straddles the bars with her feet, trying to get a better grip with her toes. Her cunt gets whipped good and steady, till I am satisfied. She suffers so nicely for me

    Clip Duration:      55 minutes
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    Insex Archives - Student 4s Test

    Insex Archives - Student 4s Test

    Insex Archives - Student 4s Test

    Insex Archives - Student 4s Test

    Insex Archives - Student 4s Test

    Insex Archives - Student 4s Test

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