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    Yxs Pump

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Insex Archives - Yxs Pump

    Clip Description

    Yx, looking just like an innocent ****** ****, stands immobilized by rope tied tight around her neck on the stage.
    a sexy white midriff top and short plaid skirt gives this scene a little bit of an edge. Her ****** **** look and wild eyes give away her feelings of fear at the beginning of her live feed.

    while bound she unties her white midriff blouse revealing her perky young titties. Next her skirt comes off and then her white panties fall to her cuffed ankles. A good tittie smacking begins this ***** grueling time with sir barry and pd. Her pussy is checked to make sure she is dry, but her wet juices cover pd's fingers so he smears it all over her face.

    nipple clamps with weights and labia clamps attached to a spreader bar expose her hot pussy. Pd uses her cream as a lubricant as the rubber pump goes deep into her ass.
    moaning with pleasure, yx takes it like a good ****.

    blindfolded with black tape, yx screams as burning candle wax is trickled all over her body. More and more hot wax is poured focusing on her pussy and clit. Sir barry smears it into her and then adds some knife play to make this scene more interesting. When the wax dries the knife is used to heighten her horror.

    her limits are pushed.

    the black pump dildo fucks her pussy and she is quite stuffed and full. More air is pumped into her ass making her quite uncomfortable.
    she lays there helpless while the two master minds make there devious plans in the background. They decide to decorate her body and streamline her naked skin with tight clothes pins attached to string. The unforgiving pins bite into her and then are pulled merciless from her body. The shrieks of pain come from deep in her vocal cords and are so annoying.

    sir barry gets a little rough with an intense flogging and caning and her dripping pussy and clit are the main attraction for his devious play. Her slut ass gets worked over good, concentrating on her ass cheeks, making them warm like hot buns from the oven! She wails even louder as ten more cane strokes are administered to round cheeks and slender thighs. She is pushed towards her limits.

    her tits are pricked with thin sharp needles making a circle around each tit. Her pussy is prodded and poked. She endures it all with loud screams. All her hard work is rewarded with an orgasm after her sobbing ordeal.

    Clip Duration:      50 minutes
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    rm80.85 MB

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    Insex Archives - Yxs Pump

    Insex Archives - Yxs Pump

    Insex Archives - Yxs Pump

    Insex Archives - Yxs Pump

    Insex Archives - Yxs Pump

    Insex Archives - Yxs Pump

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