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    Yxs Test

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Insex Archives - Yxs Test

    Clip Description

    When my flight landed today, my stomach was very unsettled. Unsettled because I don t like flying, yes; however, the butterflies I had due to my anxiousness worsened my state. I had no idea what to expect. Well, the experiences of the day went beyond my wildest imagination. I could never have been completely prepared for my first "official" day as an insex slave.

    not long after we had arrived at the studio, pd told me to take off my pants and underwear. I am usually quite the exhibitionist, so I was very happy to obey. Next, he told me to climb up onto a big wooden box, on my knees with my head on the box at one end and my bottom sticking up in the air at the opposite end. When pd went to lubricate my pussy, he stopped because I was already wet. I was wet with the anticipation of not knowing what was going to happen to me. He said, "you get wet so quickly." at first, I was slightly embarrassed by this comment. Did the fact that I was that excitable make me dirty, or a slut? No, I thought, I live for this stuff. I consider myself a lifestyle submissive. Anyway, next I felt a very cold, hard object impaling me, being thrust up into the depths of my pussy. Ok, I was thinking, a dildo to walk around in, this is a nice idea. Unfortunately, I had not yet realized the main point to this "device". I noticed the "device" had an electrical cord attached to the end of it! I was about to be introduced to the world of electrical - something I had never experienced previously in my bdsm playtimes. Pd attached a harness to keep the device in and told me to put my shorts back on. He then placed a small black box in my pocket and plugged into it the end of the cord. After studying the predicament I was in, I looked up to see pd standing there with a little remote control pointed at me. Immediately, I felt an electrical pulse, which began deep inside me. The electricity traveled down the insides of my thighs to the bottom of my legs, which made them give out on me a little. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before, or had ever imagined. It was like I lost control of my body for a short portion of time. Even worse, after the pulse had made its way through my body, it left a cruel zinging or buzzing feeling on the insides of my legs. I looked at him, and I then realized fully pd's plans. He was going to take me out in public like this.

    as we walked to the subway station, I realized how uncomfortable it was to walk with such a large device inserted deep inside. I did not want to attract attention and further humiliate myself, so I tried to walk as normally as possible. Sitting down on the subway presented another problem. Every time I tried to sit, the intruding device was lodged further up inside of me. The first stop for us was a fetish stop downtown. I love these places - the only way to describe me in a fetish shop is like a kid in a candy store. Pd took me around the store, trying on different rubber masks and various other things. I love rubber - the smell of it, the look of it, and the feel of being encased inside of it. After making our purchases and before we left, pd showed off our little secret to the employee at the store. How ***********. The electrical pulse again took over my body right there in the middle of new york, while this man was watching. After leaving, we had a few other stops to make downtown. All during this time, I was trying to deal with quite a few dilemmas. I noticed that the harness was partially visible over the waistband of my shorts. When I tried to pull my shorts up over the harness, I only succeeded in shoving that darn thing further up inside my pussy. Also, I was starting to feel the need to pee‹every step I took caused the device to rub up against that entire area with my bladder, constantly increasing the urge. Finally, we were finished with our errands and ready to go back to the studio.

    when we arrived, right away I mentioned to pd was that I had to pee. He set up a little silver pail for me on top of that big wooden box that I was kneeling on before. He then, thankfully, pulled off my pants and freed me from the harness and inserted piece and told me to climb up on the box, squat over the pail, and pee. Easy, I thought to myself. I was so very wrong! I never realized that I could have such a problem relieving myself even if I had to go so badly. Resigning myself to the fact that I must have some mental block about peeing with an audience, I looked at pd, shrugged my shoulders, and (expecting to be sent off to the toilet) said, "i can't." "well you don't get to pee at all then," said pd. This made me pretty unhappy, but I went with it, because what else could I do?

    there was still some time before I was going to do the scheduled live chat, so pd put me to work. He spread out some newspaper for me, took out new boxes we bought at one of the stores, and taught me how to stain wood. I squatted down on the floor (still without my pants or underwear on) and got to work. This was about the last thing I expected to be doing today. But all I want to do is to please others and be good, so I gave it all I had. When I finished, I was delighted that I had learned something new, helped out pd, and done what I was told. I figured I was going to get a nice little rest by sitting and chatting with insex members. I was really looking forward to meeting them and talking to them, since they were going to be my future tormenters - my live feed being scheduled for the next day at midnight.

    the live chat was yet another surprise for me. Pd sat me in a chair, bound me to it with leather straps so that I couldn't move an inch, and put that hated electrical device back inside of me. I realized that insex was going to take control of me sooner than I had thought. The "chat" ended up being an interrogation of sorts. Insex members would ask me questions, and if they didn't like my answers, they would tell pd to give me a shock. At first the shocks were few and far between. However, as the chat went on, the guys got more and more ****** - insisting on two, three, even six shocks in a row! I couldn't stifle my screams. By the time the two hours of had ended, I was at the point of crying, and I was dripping wet, believe it or not. At least the was over - for now.

    pd was merciful, and saw how exhausted I was after the live chat. He put me in wrist and ankle shackles and told me that I was going to be able to rest. First, however, he went over to the shelf and brought something back. I realized in horror that he was going to put a diaper on me. "for babies who can't pee when they're told," he said. I knew I was blushing fiercely as pd wrapped the diaper around me and fastened it around my waist. I had never been so. But wait - why was my pussy getting wet all over again? The realization that this was having such an affect on me made me even more ashamed. At least I could rest now.

    i **** up roughly two hours later, disoriented. Then I remembered where I was when I felt the shackles and that shameful diaper. Pd told me we were going to dinner. He wanted to place me in bondage underneath my clothes during our outing. This idea was very intriguing to me - what a wonderful way to feel restrained and ********** while walking around in public! He took two long pieces of rope and wrapped them around my body like a harness, japanese style - with all those fancy diamond shapes and knots. He did all of this over the diaper I was wearing. I was told that I couldn't take it off until I peed in it like I was supposed to. The worst part about this was that I did indeed have to pee, but for some reason my body wasn't obeying. When pd finished applying my bondage, he told me I had 5 minutes to get ready. I fixed up my hair a little and put a slinky, black, short dress on. It was going to be interesting walking around in public, because the rope knots were quite visible underneath the dress, which was very tight. Also, I had to keep my dress pulled down in back, because I was paranoid that the diaper was visible. Why couldn't I just pee and get it over with?!?!

    during dinner, I was actually pretty excited about my dirty little secret, which was just under my dress. The only problem was the uncomfortable need to relieve myself. I figured I would hold it until after dinner and then give it another try. My body must have had a plan of rebellion against me that day - as soon as we sat down I felt that I was going to pee whether I wanted to or not. The feeling would come and go, and it was quite torturous in itself. Pd noticed my strained expression and realized what was happening. "just let it go," he said. He would not let me go to the ladies room. Inevitably, half way through the meal, it started to happen. I was peeing little by little inside the diaper, and it was being soaked up - initially. To my horror, some of the pee dripped down the inside of my leg. I wanted to cry "how ***********" in the middle of this nice restaurant. Could anyone tell what was happening? I was determined not to let any more go. I succeeded, but when the meal was done, I could barely walk (why did I ***** so much water????) I miraculously made it to the car and back up to the studio with only one more incident of peeing on myself in the parking lot.

    as soon as we got up there, pd put me on the floor on my stomach. "ah, the hogtie," I thought. This is my absolute favorite position to be bound in. Unfortunately, I was not able to enjoy it because of my horrible discomfort. I waited until he finished tying the rope, and he said, "pee whenever you want now." having lost all modesty, I peed right there on the studio floor while hogtied and on my stomach, creating a puddle all around myself and saturating my pretty dress with urine (the diaper was long finished absorbing anything). I was so relieved when it was over I just lay there in a puddle of my own pee, without caring. Of course, I didn't get to lie there long, because pd had me up, out of my dress, diaper, and ropes, and cleaning my mess with a sponge. As I was finishing up, I thought I heard him say something to himself about putting me in more bondage that night.

    pd led me over to these two wooden boards held up by metal poles on either end. I thought to myself that this setup resembled the stocks-and-pillory. I was right - he put my head and wrists in the top board, and I was told to sit on the lower board. Next, he put a wooden box around my head. This box scared me - it was not easy to breathe inside of it, and the stuffiness inside created by my own breathing made my head hot. I decided to just keep my breathing nice and steady and slow, and I would be fine. This proved more difficult to do than I had thought. Four leather straps were added, binding my legs spread wide open on the lower board that I was sitting on. Pd then made my situation very painful by applying very severe suction cups to each of my breasts. I love to have my breasts ******** - this was very severe and painful. In the middle of all this, I felt the entire setup, with me on it, being moved - pd must have decided he wanted to move to the other side of the studio. This was the ultimate dehumanization - being moved around like a piece of furniture. I was being treated like a piece of meat. This instantly turned me on - how embarrassing, once again. Consequently. I was dripping wet even before he began to rub my "special little button." I was so excited that I could not hold back the orgasm - and I had forgotten to ask permission for it. Big mistake. After hearing my cries of ecstasy, pd asked me, "did you cum?" I realized my error and began shaking. I told him the truth - I certainly do not want to lie after I had promised to never lie again during my interrogation earlier. Immediately he began all sorts of torturers - some of which I cannot even name because I was so upset and could not see what was going on. I was screaming and crying as he applied corporal punishment, more tit , he tickled me, and he threatened to leave me in that bondage, with my head in the box for the night. That idea made me almost lose it, and I was crying more hysterically than ever before.

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    Insex Archives - Yxs Test

    Insex Archives - Yxs Test

    Insex Archives - Yxs Test

    Insex Archives - Yxs Test

    Insex Archives - Yxs Test

    Insex Archives - Yxs Test

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