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     Spyinig On The Train
    3 minutes

      Spyinig On The Train - A hidden camera shows a **** on a train. Her boots are uncomfortable, so she pulls them out and starts to massage her feet.  Creamy Feet
    6 minutes

      Creamy Feet - Laura takes care of her gorgeous feet applying a moisturizing cream and having a self massage.
     Lo Schiavo Fannullone
    23 minutes

      Lo Schiavo Fannullone - Laura e sabrina vanno a fare un giro, lasciando il loro schiavo a casa a fare le pulizie. Ma quando tornano scoprono che la casa  ancora in disordine, e cos decidono di dargli una bella lezione.

wax play
spanking  4feet Facemassage
    10 minutes

      4feet Facemassage - A foot lover's double delight for our fetishist friend, as he worships nadia's and lauralib's succulent soles
     Footshow Laura Reads A Book
    9 minutes

      Footshow  Laura Reads A Book - Laura plays with her feet reading a book on the bed  The Password
    9 minutes

      The Password - Laura ***** up tied on a chair. Sabrina starts tickling her 'cause she wants to know which is the password of a netbook previously stolen from laura's bedroom.

tickling, italian language.

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     Footfeeding Spitting Feeding The Slave
    7 minutes
      Footfeeding Spitting  Feeding The Slave - Gentle and yet firm, domme laura liberti feeds her pet slave munched food, and whole chips, from her own shapely peds.
lucky little hatchling.

durante una sessione, laura nutre il suo fortunato schiavo. Prima masticando per lui delle patatine, successivamente imboccandolo con I piedi.

tags: spitting, footfeeding, private session  Tickling Mf Laura Tied Tickled Bgsex 2011 Full
    28 minutes
      Tickling Mf  Laura Tied  Tickled  Bgsex 2011  Full - This is a tickling video featuring sensual thrill seeker  laura liberti and fetish artist kalamos (kalamos.Deviantart****).

we filmed it during a public adult convention, the bergamosex, in a public location, before a cheering crowd of passerbys.
laura liberti, the off-beat domme, is usually comfortable playing a  dominant role - and she's typically oblivious to tickling.

not this time, though.

we dared her to take the stocks challenge, and she defiantly obliged,  braving the wooden contraption, and kalamos's prying fingers and vibrating tools.

unscripted and raw, this was a public session, recorded before an unsuspecting and unexpectedly playful crowd who merrily cheered us, and  even took turns tickling lauralib, much to our amusement and amazement.

this video features:

armpit tickling
foot tickling

italian language.
     Tickling Ffm Bellatryxlaura Tickling A Guy Misexoct2011
    9 minutes
      Tickling Ffm  Bellatryxlaura Tickling A Guy Misexoct2011 - Bellatryx gioli & laura liberti tickling a guy @ misex adultcon- oct. 2011

tags: tickling ff/m, adultcon, public  Tickling Ffm Footsmelling Birthday Partyil Compleannoptii
    5 minutes
      Tickling Ffm Footsmelling  Birthday Partyil Compleannoptii - Laura smokes a cigarette while clizia tickles the poor guy tied on the couch and sabrina ****** him to smell her feet.

laura fuma una sigaretta godendosi la scena di clizia che solletica un poveretto legato al divano, mentre sabrina lo obbliga ad annusarle I piedi.

armpit tickling f/m & ff/m
italian language
     Footplay Red Nails
    8 minutes
      Footplay  Red Nails - Lady scarlet shows you her pretty red-polished feet after a little shoeplay.
for custom videos and live webcam contact her: scarletqueen********.It

tags: footplay, shoeplay, dangling  Cat Fighting Up And Fight Italian Language
    7 minutes
      Cat Fighting   Up And Fight Italian Language - It's sunday morning.
after preparing breakfast, laura realizes that sabrina is still ********. And what's better than a tickle fight to start the day?

e' domenica mattina.
dopo aver preparato il caff, laura si accorge che sabrina sta ancora dormendo. E cosa c' di meglio di una lotta a base di solletico per iniziare la giornata?

tags: tickling f/f, cat fighting, tickle fight, domina vs domina, laughing

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      Spyinig On The Train

    Spyinig On The Train


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      Creamy Feet

    Creamy Feet


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      Lo Schiavo Fannullone

    Lo Schiavo Fannullone


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      4feet Facemassage

    4feet Facemassage


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      Footshow Laura Reads A Book

    Footshow  Laura Reads A Book


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      The Password

    The Password


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      Footfetish Nail Polishing On The Human Sofa

    Footfetish  Nail Polishing On The Human Sofa


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      Cat Fighting Up And Fight Italian Language

    Cat Fighting   Up And Fight Italian Language


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      Crushing The Big Banana Bang

    Crushing  The Big Banana Bang


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      Footjob Big Big Black Realistic Vibrator

    Footjob  Big Big Black Realistic Vibrator


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      Tickling Fmf Bellatryx Kalamos Lauralib Misexadultconoct2011

    Tickling Fmf  Bellatryx Kalamos Lauralib Misexadultconoct2011


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      Footplay Red Nails

    Footplay  Red Nails


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      Tickling Ffm Bellatryxlaura Tickling A Guy Misexoct2011

    Tickling Ffm  Bellatryxlaura Tickling A Guy Misexoct2011


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      Foot Decoration Tickling Pumpkins

    Foot Decoration  Tickling  Pumpkins


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      Femdom Playing With The Thief Eng Subtitles

    Femdom  Playing With The Thief Eng Subtitles


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